The Phoenix Seven Foundation was established in 2000 for Phi Sigma Phi members and alumni to aid and encourage student academic excellence. Specifically, it is a vehicle for members and alumni to “give back” (through monetary donations and volunteer hours) the opportunities and real life experiences that Phi Sigma Phi provides to all its members.

Past Phi Sigma Phi Presidents and members Dean Rockwell, John Sandwell, Harry Parker, Mark Helling and David Preuher formed the Foundation as a 501 © 3 tax exempt organization. The foundation has promoted undergraduate academic excellence through monetary scholarship awards to deserving students. The awards are monetary and unrestricted in their benefit and use.

The Foundation has awarded annual monetary awards each year and continues to increase donations and award amounts every year. The Foundation continues to grow and expand through the dedication and service of Phi Sigma Phi members and alumni as they dedicate their time and assets for the benefit of undergraduate scholarship awards and academic excellence.